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What are Mechanical Dehumidifiers and How Do They Work?

Many homes, industries and commercial areas, especially the ones located in the south or near the coast, constantly experience the damaging and harmful effects of excessive humidity. This can make the area uncomfortable for living, give rise to mold and mildew growth, and incur many losses in businesses. To help lower the moisture in the indoors and closed spaces one can make use of a dehumidifier. These are appliances that remove the moisture from the air lowering the overall humidity in the area. One can use these convenient machineries to bring the humidity down to the optimal levels which are between 30% and 50%. Mechanical dehumidifiers, more commonly known as refrigerant dehumidifiers, are the most popular type of dehumidifiers used in domestic and industrial settings. Read on to find all the information you need to know about these handy appliances.

Design Features

Haier Mechanical Dehumidifier

Haier Mechanical Dehumidifier

These machines are found in variety of capacities and shapes to dehumidify different types of areas. The capacity of a dehumidifier is the rate at which it collects water from the air and it is measured in pints per day. The domestic and industrial differ widely in their capacity and material.

For domestic use these devices come as either portable small appliance for use in one room or bulkier objects that can be placed in a central position in a home to dehumidify the whole house. They usually have a plastic casing and they look almost like an air-conditioner. The moisture they remove from the air is either collected in a collection bucket or is continuously removed using a hose connected with the appliance. These domestic mechanical dehumidifiers are available in variety of capacities between 10 and 90 pints. Choose the capacity you need for your home depending on its area and level of dampness.

The machines that are made for industrial use have a heavy-duty metallic body and a rugged and plain structure.  They often come with military style handles and wheels to withstand an industrial environment. They are much faster than domestic versions. One can find them in capacities between 50 and over 300 pints depending on the purpose of their use.

Mechanism of Operation

Mechanical dehumidifiers work on the basis of a very simple, but effective principle- when air is cooled the water vapors in the air reach their condensation point, which are then converted to their liquid form drying the air.

Mechanical dehumidifiers consist of fans that draw the air in. The flowing air is often passed through filter to free it off dust and debris. It is then passed over cooled coils which are cooled down using a compressor and flowing refrigerant. When moist air passes over them it is cooled down and the water vapors in it are condensed and collected. The air is then heated by passing over a hot coil which helps retain the temperature of the room. It is then released to the surroundings, where it circulates and mixes up in the air lowering the average humidity in the room. This process is less effective at lower temperatures, like below 30ͦ F, but it is highly useful and efficient at normal temperatures.

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