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Troubleshooting Your Domestic Dehumidifiers

One hot and humid summer day you turn your dehumidifier on with high hopes to end the sticky and clammy feeling; but even after hours of usage the dampness in the room is still bothering your or the dehumidifier did not start working at all. Do not distress as domestic dehumidifiers are reasonable simple appliances which can experience several uncomplicated issues that can be solved very easily once you have identified them.  Here are some of the most common issues you could face and tips on identifying and solving them. Try to solve them yourself, but if the problem persists then you should call a service.

It Failed to Start At All

Zibro Domestic Dehumidifier

Zibro Domestic Dehumidifier

If your domestic dehumidifier did not start running, then it is highly possible that there is an issue with the power outlet. The first step to take is to check if it is plugged in properly and check if the circuit breaker has tripped. Then see if the collection bucket is full or attached properly. If it is full remove the water and reinstall it. The unit will not start running until the bucket has some storage capacity or it is placed properly.

It is Working but the Bucket is Empty

If your dehumidifier runs for very short and infrequent periods of time, and there is no collection of water and the room is still humid, then this maybe because the humidistat setting is too low. Turn up the dryness and the dehumidifier will run more often. However, if you still find the bucket empty then clean the air filter and the unit. It is possible that the trapped dirt and debris is inhibiting the flow of air. If this does not work either then you should seek professional assistance.

No Air is coming out of the Appliance

If you find that your domestic dehumidifier is running, but there is no air flow through it then there may be a problem with the fans in the unit. Domestic dehumidifiers use a high-speed fan to draw the air in. Verify if the fan is running; if not then there may be something restricting its motion or the fan motor may be burnt out. Examine the fans to check if there is something stuck in them, otherwise you will need to replace the motor which you can do yourself.

Never Ignore the Frosting on the Coils

If your dehumidifier is not working effectively or has suddenly shut off then it may be because of frosting. Normally domestic dehumidifiers work using a cooling coil to condense the water vapors in the air to dry it. If the temperature of the air that passes over the coil is too low then the condensed water will freeze on the coil. As a result, the appliance will lose its efficiency or it may also get seriously damaged. To solve this issue you could add heat to the room, allow the room to get warmer by turning the unit off temporarily or move the unit to a higher place like a shelf or a table. If you face very frequent frosting then it is recommended that you should replace your unit with one that has low-temperature capability.

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