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Stop Mold on Bathroom Walls Using Dehumidifiers

After you take a shower the steam rising from it raises the humidity level in your bathroom and condenses on its walls and windows which cause several problems. Drying towels, mats and washcloths also add to the dampness in the room. In short, your bathroom is constantly exposed to excessive moisture and you must get bathroom dehumidifiers to dry it.

Problems Caused By High Humidity in a Bathroom

If you often find mold or mildew ruining the walls, windows and corners or if the paint on the walls is continuously chipping off in your bathroom, then the ventilation and exhaust in it is inefficient. Instead of spending a lot of money restoring and renovating your bathroom every year, you can get an effective dehumidifier to protect it from the negative effects of dampness.

Mold and Mildew spores are always present in the air and once they find appropriate moist environment for their growth they grow and multiply there. In a bathroom the steam from a shower condenses on surfaces producing an ideal environment for their growth. These will grow rapidly and ruin the appearance of your bathroom. Their presence also gives rise to musty odors. If you or your family suffers from asthma or allergies, then these troublesome fungi will give rise to allergic reactions; you don’t want your child to get an asthma attack while stuck in the bathroom. Additionally, the paint on walls starts peeling or wet spots start appearing on them due to the dampness. This destroys the look of your bathroom and they appear to be dirty and unhygienic. If normal means like using a fan vent or opening a window do not help, then you must invest in bathroom dehumidifiers.

How to Install and Use Bathroom Dehumidifiers?

Remington Wireless Mini Dehumidifier

Since bathrooms are quite small in size, small capacity dehumidifiers will be sufficient to counter the humidity problems in them. You can either get a small electric dehumidifier or rechargeable desiccant dehumidifiers. These devices are available at very low prices less than $50.

The electric dehumidifiers work on electricity and must be connected to a power source during use. They work on the principle of thermo-electric or Peltier effect to dehumidify. When two different materials are joined at ends and electric current passes through the loop, one material cools and the other heats up. These small units consist of such a circuit. The moist air is drawn into the unit and passed over the cooler material causing the water vapors to condense. The water is collect in a small bucket. The air is then passed over the warmer material to retain the temperature of the air for your comfort.  When using these units as bathroom dehumidifiers, place them away from wet areas to prevent electric shocks and check the indicator light to see if the bucket is full. Empty the bucket regularly.

Another option is to use mini-desiccant dehumidifiers which consist of silica gel crystals that are stored in a plastic casing. As these crystals are exposed to moist air, they absorb the water from it. The unit needs to be recharged after 20-30 days by plugging it into a power source for a few hours. Recharge them in an open or well-ventilated area.

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