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Save The Planet By Getting An Energy Efficient Dehumidifier

Energy Star Dehumidifier

Most homes today need a dehumidifier in several areas in their house. Most areas that need dehumidifiers are the basement, bedroom, bathroom or any damp areas in the house. With the increase demands of dehumidifiers in the markets, you will be surprise at large numbers of manufacturers for this unit.

Energy Star Dehumidifier

DeLonghi Energy Star Dehumidifier

Sometimes it is even a headache just to shop for one. But there are dehumidifiers that are considered by others as much superior compared to other brands in the market. This is the energy star labeled dehumidifier. You will probably ask what energy star is and why energy star dehumidifier is considered much superior than other leading brands?

What is energy star

First, let us tackle the question “What is energy star?” Energy star labeled products are units that are approved as energy efficient units. Energy efficient means the product consumes less energy. You get to conserve energy about twenty to thirty percent.  This energy star labeling was first made in year 1992 by the EPA or the United States Environmental Protection Agency. This was created for the purpose of encouraging manufacturers to produce energy efficient products. Fourteen years later over forty thousand products are labeled as Energy Star and this is not limited to dehumidifiers but it applies to all appliances, lighting and even electronic gadgets.

How to get energy star dehumidifier?

How does one gets approved as energy efficient product?  To be labeled as energy star, it must meet the standards set by EPA. But what are these sets of standards?  For example in computers, an eighty plus standard is required. As for dehumidifier, energy star dehumidifier actually means that the unit is slow to heat up thus needs less energy to cool the system. For other appliances like refrigerators, it must meet the standards which are at least 20% less energy. For televisions it must consume less energy at least 30% to pass the standards.

So why does energy star dehumidifier is considered superior than other leading brands?  It is superior in terms of energy usage. Energy star dehumidifier pass the standards set by EPA thus certified to be energy efficient product.  It is the very reason why most consumers preferred products that are labeled energy star.

Consideration when buying a dehumidifier

So if you are planning to get a new dehumidifier make sure to look for an energy star dehumidifier. It is one label that is most trusted and is backed by government agency. There are a number of energy efficient manufacturers like Munters Corporation and others.  You can check out their dehumidifiers and you can check out other brands too that are labeled energy star in the market. You might get confuse which one to choose but just keep in mind the features that you want to find in your dehumidifier. To come prepared for shopping, list down the features that you want for your dehumidifier, aside from being an energy star product, you can consider other factors too like the size of your humidifier,  its noise level, energy factor and of course the price.  Most people have this common concept that the more expensive the item is the better is its performance. Well it might be true for some but not in all cases. Just trust your own judgment and do your research. Read what others have to say about the brand that you want and try to read dehumidifiers reviews from reputable sources. All this information can help you make the right decision. If you search earnestly you sure will find one that suits your needs as well as your budget. So start your research now online. Here you can compare two or three brands and gets to choose the best one.

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