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Make Driving Safer and Fun with Car Dehumidifiers

Imagine this, you go for an adventure at the beach with your family, but the weather turns out to be exceptionally humid; so humid that it is very difficult to breathe. Even when the air-conditioner is running and set at high, you cannot get rid of the clammy and heavy feeling. You can protect yourself from such disastrous situations using car dehumidifiers which will remove the excess moisture from the air and lower the humidity level to the optimal range. There are many other benefits of these small dehumidifiers for your car.

Importance of Dehumidifying Your Car

High levels of moisture in the air lead to a lot of discomfort, because it causes sweaty and muggy feeling which is almost unbearable in hot weathers. You might not notice it during your short commutes, but if you are out for a long drive then you are bound to feel its effects. You will feel tired just after spending a time in your car, and you may lose your sense of adventure. However, you can turn around such situations by using car dehumidifiers.

Excessive dampness in your car can even make riding unsafe. At lower temperatures the moisture in the air will condense on the windscreen and windows blocking your view of the road. If the frequency of this misting up is really high, then you can make driving much easier by dehumidifying your car. Wiping the glass with a dry cloth is helpful too, but it is quite troublesome. Why not just avoid this problem completely? Also, in winters the dew accumulating on the windscreen often freezes up. You will have to scrape it off or thaw it before you can ride. You can evade such situations by simply using small car dehumidifiers.

If your car remains damp for very long time, then it can lead to problems like mold and mildew and it can even cause the corrosion and rusting of the metallic parts and tools. This will ruin the appearance of your car, weaken its structure and give rise to musty odors. You will also have to spend considerable amount of money to get new tools and parts for your car.

Car Dehumidifier Options For You

Proteam Wireless Dehumidifier

Proteam Wireless Dehumidifier

To dehumidify your car you do not need to get a bulky refrigerant dehumidifier which not only occupies a lot of space, but also consumes a lot of energy. Since the area of a car is considerably small, a small dehumidifier will be adequate. These devices don’t cost much, so you can easily buy more devices if you need greater dehumidification. You can either get an electric dehumidifier or packs of desiccant crystals to dry your car.

Electric dehumidifier are quite small, smaller then the size of a shoe box, and can be easily placed under the seat. They run on electricity and need to be connected to a power source during use. These units condense the vapors in the air and collect them in a bucket. They often come with indicator lights to tell you when you need to empty the bucket.

On the other hand, desiccant crystal car dehumidifiers do not rely on any energy source. These are much more compact and can fit your palm easily. These devices are quite simple, and consist of silica gel crystals in a plastic casing or a porous bag. When these crystals are exposed to air, they absorb the moisture from it lowering its humidity. These crystals become inactive when they absorb water, and you need to regenerate them after around 20-30 days of use. You can simply do this by plugging the device into a power source or placing it near a heat, depending on the type you are using.

Both types of car dehumidifiers are incredibly quiet, so you can enjoy the peace and quiet during your travels.

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