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Is Dehumidifier Needed With Air Conditioning?

Dehumidifier and Air Conditioner

Most people confuse a dehumidifier with air conditioner. To some they do not even know the difference with the two. Indeed there is a slim difference between dehumidifier and air conditioner.  To have a clearer picture, let’s try to define what a dehumidifier system is and an air conditioning system.

Dehumidifier Air Conditioner

Keystone Energy Star Electric Dehumidifier

When you say dehumidifier it consists of both hot and cold coils. How does it work?  Whenever an air is drawn into the system it passes through first to the cold coils so that the moisture condenses and is then collected in the tray. After that the air then passes through the hot coil where the air is restored to a room temperature as it gets back to the room. This is practically how a dehumidifier works.

What to use, dehumidifier or air conditioner

As for the air conditioner it only consists of cold coils. As the air passes through its cold coil, it removes moisture and generates cooler air back to the room. An air conditioner has an exhaust system which lets the heat outside which is generated from the cooling chemicals. Given the difference of the two, what are the benefits if one uses a dehumidifier or air conditioner? Air conditioners are best if your only goal is to cool the room. Aside from cooling the room it also reduces humidity in the room thus you do not have to have both air conditioner and dehumidifier in one room. On the other hand dehumidifiers are best if you have problems with moisture and if you do not need to cool the room like your basement. You do not need an air conditioner in this part of your house but a dehumidifier can work best.

Is there a need of dehumidifier with air conditioner?

As for some consumers who are asking is dehumidifier  needed with air conditioning, then the answer is no. You do not need a dehumidifier if you already have an air conditioner in the room. But for rooms that are not reach with your air conditioner like your bathroom and basement may need a dehumidifier. When shopping for the right dehumidifier, make sure that you have done your homework well. It is best if you read first the buying guide for dehumidifier so that you will be able to choose the right dehumidifier for your home. Know that dehumidifiers have different capacity and is available in different sizes too. Small dehumidifiers have smaller capacity and are best for small rooms.  All this you have to know if you are planning to buy a dehumidifier.

Protect your things from moisture with dehumidifier or air conditioner

Having a dehumidifier at home  is really important especially if air moisture is an issue. Too much moisture can damage your other appliances at home as well as other things like books, clothes, electronics and many more. To preserve your things you need a dehumidifier to protect it from mold. But if your room has an air conditioner then you do not need to have a dehumidifier anymore. You only need one in areas which are not reached with your air conditioner.

Do the research so you get the right dehumidifier for you home

So start shopping for your dehumidifier now. Check out the best dehumidifier brands online. Compare their features as well as the price and most of all always look for that energy star label which tells you that the dehumidifier is energy efficient.  Always read the hundreds of dehumidifier review online as well as consumers review for dehumidifiers. It will give you an idea which dehumidifier brand will work best for you. A word of caution, make sure you read reviews only in reputable sites like amazon website where you will find full product review as well as consumer ratings. You will find out the most recommended dehumidifier by most consumers.

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