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Industrial Dehumidifiers are Crucial for Many Commercial Applications

Several industrial tasks require one to control the humidity of the outside environment, which could otherwise damage the machinery, make the process inefficient or lower the quality of products the plant produces. Common domestic dehumidifiers are not effective for the sheer size and intensity of the humidity problems in industries and commercial areas like ice-skating arenas, breweries, hospitals, libraries, etc. Industrial dehumidifiers are heavy-duty appliances that not only have higher capacity, but are much faster at removing moisture from the air.

Industrial Dehumidifier

Prevent Condensation of Water Vapors on Cooler Surfaces:

If a cold surface is present in a moist environment, the water vapors in the air will condense on it. This leads to many problems in a number of industries:

In ice-skating arenas water-droplets accumulate on the chilly ice. This makes the ice less slippery making it slower. In addition, it also increases the strain on the ice making machine and cause higher energy consumption. Improving the ventilation system worsens the problem by introducing damper air in humid weather. The most effective solutions to this issue are industrial dehumidifiers that can work at low temperatures.

Condensation is also a major problem in water and waste water treatment plants. Whenever the water or waste pipes have lower temperature, water vapors condense on their outside surface which can increase the rate of corrosion of the metallic pipes. The deterioration of the pipes can result in leakages giving rise to contamination.

Reduce Rust and Corrosion Due to High Moisture:

The presence of moisture increases the rate of corrosion of metals. Many industries that manufacture metallic products require industrial dehumidifiers:

In the electronics industries even minuscule corrosion of the circuits can significantly affect their resistance and capacitance, affecting their performance. During the production of semi-conductors and integrated circuits highly damp conditions can result in faulted structure. Humidity must also be lowered to store capacitors, transistors and circuit chips. Dehumidifiers are also essential in marine industry and power plants to prevent corrosion of machinery and cargo.

Stop The Growth of Mold and Mildew:

Fungi are always present in the air in dormant state but it can thrive in damp conditions and grow on valuable artifact and food products. To prevent damage to its products many plants and commercial areas make use of industrial dehumidifiers to dry the air and inhibit the growth of these fungi.

In breweries heat, water and malted grain is used to encourage the growth of yeast. However, if the moisture content in the air is not controlled other molds and microbes will grow in its place. The unwanted and sometime toxic fungus will grow on walls of the storage area and in fermentation and yeast rooms.

Hospitals and other health facilities must also use air dehumidifiers to improve the quality of air in the building. If the humidity levels are kept optimal, the patients can breathe easily in its environment and they will feel comfortable. The lowered humidity levels are also necessary for the comfort of the surgeons. High dampness also results in increased growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi; therefore industrial dehumidifiers must be availed to improve the hygiene of the environment in the hospital.

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