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How to recycle your dehumidifiers?

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How much dehumidifiers are necessary for home use?

In homes located in regions with humid climates or if a home does not have good ventilation systems, it is very likely that the humidity is higher than the optimum levels. To effectively remove the excess moisture from the air in such areas, dehumidifiers are being used. These electronic machines draw in moist air from the surroundings, and cool it by passing it over a cooling coil, which causes the water vapors from the air condense removing them from the air that is returned back to the surroundings. The cooling process of air makes use of Freon gas. Freon is harmful to the environment because it is an ozone depleting chemical, and it is also a green-house gas. Therefore, one needs to act with extreme care when disposing of these dehumidifiers. One cannot throw them out with regular trash, as that will have detrimental effects on the environment.

Problems that might occur in dehumidifiers

High quality dehumidifiers can work well for many years, but they are likely to become inefficient with time. Even if you maintain your dehumidifier very carefully, it will serve your needs for ten to fifteen years. The problems that are most likely to arise are its decrease in energy efficiency, the rise in the noise it produces, or simply that the model you were using has become outdated. One must be cautious when disposing of their unwanted dehumidifier. The harmful substances within the dehumidifier must be removed and materials such as metal, plastic and glass, must be recycled.

How to recycle dehumidifiers?

The easiest way to get rid of unwanted dehumidifiers is to call your local household hazardous waste facility. If they accept your dehumidifier, they will carry out safe disposal for you. However, if they don’t accept dehumidifiers then you will have to follow some steps to ensure the protection of the environment. You should call your local sanitation department to get Freon removed from the dehumidifier. This service might cost you some money, but it will keep the environment safe. Then you can simply place the dehumidifier with recyclable waste and get the metal, plastic or glass within it recycled. This will also reduce landfill waste and also contribute to the conservation of already scarce resources.

Precautions for dehumidifiers

You can also check with your local electric utility to see if a bounty program is offered in your area for old appliances. Some utilities pay you to dispose of inefficient appliances. These programs usually offer an incentive on the collection of old units, as cash or as a discount on another Energy Star home appliance. Someone will either pick up the appliance or you can even drop it off at the utility. They will then ensure that the dehumidifier is discarded with care. In some cases, the appliance that is being dumped can be in working condition. Those are then repaired and renovated, and are then resold. However, if these appliances are energy inefficient then these appliances should not be reused.

Make sure to use one of these available options when disposing of unwanted or inoperable dehumidifiers in a responsible and safe manner.

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