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How to maintain your desiccant dehumidifiers?

Desired humidity levels

A dehumidifier extracts the excess water vapors from the air to reduce the humidity to optimal levels, so that you and your family can breathe in an excellent quality air and live a comfortable and healthy life. There are many different types of dehumidifiers which make use of diverse mechanisms to reduce the moisture in the air. The most commonly used dehumidifiers are the mechanical dehumidifiers that make use of cooling coils to remove water vapors by condensing them. This mechanism does not work well at low temperatures and the levels of humidity achieved are not low enough in some cases. To overcome this limitation one can make use of desiccant dehumidifiers which can work well at all temperatures and the humidity levels achieved using it are relatively low.

How desiccant dehumidifiers work its magic

This type of dehumidifiers makes use of desiccant materials that have high affinity to water vapors, which enables them to absorb them from the air. Most often the desiccant material used is silica gel. To provide efficient dehumidification desiccant dehumidifiers make use of rotors. The rotors are made using alternate layers of flat and ridged sheets of metal which are covered with silica gel. This sheet structures results in the formation of air channels. As air passes through these channels, excess moisture is absorbed by the desiccant material that covers the rotors. The slow rotation of the rotor is caused by a mechanical device and a small fan is used to pass the moist air over the rotor. In this way the air is effectively dehumidified to achieve the optimal humidity level.

Easy maintenance as compared to mechanical dehumidifiers

It is much easier to maintain desiccant dehumidifiers compared to the other types. In mechanical dehumidifiers the collected water needs to be removed quite often from the storage, but in case of desiccant dehumidifiers there is a built in heating system to remove the water absorbed in the desiccant material. This heater heats up the air and helps remove the water absorbed in the desiccant material. The desiccant material enables the dehumidifier to store larger volume of water in lesser spaces, so the process of removing water from the dehumidifier needs to be carried out less often. Also, maintaining these dehumidifiers does not take much time. To maintain desiccant dehumidifiers one also needs to clean and replace the inlet air filters occasionally. In addition, the rotor must be easily cleanable. Excess dust on the rotors can reduce the capacity of the dehumidifier.

Desiccant dehumidifiers are long lasting

Unlike mechanical dehumidifier, desiccant dehumidifiers do not involve any cooling system so there is a little chance of water freezing on the rotors, fan or other parts of the machinery. So, these dehumidifiers do not need extra care at low temperatures. Also, when the humidity in the air gets too low they stop working by turning off on their own, keeping the humidity at optimal levels. Desiccant dehumidifiers can be constructed in very small sizes thus making them portable and compact. If they are used with care, these dehumidifiers can work well for around ten years without any significant needs for repair.  

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