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How to choose the best room dehumidifiers?

A worthwhile investment

Haier Mechanical Dehumidifier

If the humidity in your home is greater than 55% or reaches these levels during some seasons, but remains high for a long time then a dehumidifier is an essential for you. A dehumidifier will help remove the water vapors in the air and lower the humidity to optimal levels of 30%-45%. This will make the environment is your home healthier especially for those who suffer with allergies and asthma; also it will become easier to breathe making it more comfortable. Therefore, a dehumidifier is a worthwhile investment. While dehumidifiers are easy to buy and install, the process is a little more complicated as there are a number of factors one should consider when choosing one.

Two major factors to consider before buying room dehumidifier

If the number of rooms in your house is less or there are only one or two rooms that need a dehumidifier, then you should get a room dehumidifier.  When choosing a dehumidifier, the two major things you should have in mind is the size of the room that needs dehumidification and the level of dampness in it. Measure the area of the room in square feet and measure its humidity using a hygrometer. Then use a dehumidification selection guide to choose the right capacity of your room dehumidifier, where the capacity gives the amount of water the dehumidifier removes at a certain temperature. You should also keep in mind that these capacities vary with temperature. If you don’t choose the right capacity your room will not be dehumidified effectively and you might end up wasting money.

Important features you need in your room dehumidifiers

After you have considered these two major factors, there are other features you should pay attention to for choosing the best room dehumidifiers. If the room gets very cold, then you should consider whether the dehumidifier has low temperature capability or whether it has a frost guard. If the water removed by the dehumidifier freezes up it might stop working. Also, you might even need repairs. Another important aspect is the dehumidifier’s noise level. If you are placing the dehumidifier in a bedroom or a living area then you will need a quieter dehumidifier. On the other hand, if you are placing it in the basement then you can save money by getting a humidifier with higher noise levels. Before getting a dehumidifier test run it to check how noisy it is or if you are shopping online read customer reviews.

Keep your electric bill low

Room dehumidifiers consume electricity, so you should consider how energy efficient the dehumidifier is to keep you electricity bills low. The dehumidifier you should consider must be Energy Star qualified, which ensures that it exceeds the minimum level of efficiency. Also, a dehumidifier will consume less energy if it has an automatic shut-off system that temporarily turns it off when the required levels of humidity have been reached. Apart from energy issues, you should also consider how easy to use and maintain the dehumidifier is. Dehumidifiers with water drainage system are much easier to use. With these easy tips you can choose the best room dehumidifiers.

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