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Get Ebac Commercial Dehumidifiers and Lower the Cost of Your Business

High humidity can cause peeling, mold growth, and corrosion in warehouses, offices, libraries, museums, shops, etc. As a result of these issues several businesses have to spend a lot of money to restore and renovate their buildings every year. However, with the use of efficient commercial dehumidifiers you can lower and maintain the humidity levels in even a large area. Ebac is one of the most popular brands in commercial dehumidifiers. This article gives a generalized review of Ebac units.

A Robust and Reliable Design

Ebac SPP6A Commercial Dehumidifier

Ebac SPP6A Commercial Dehumidifier

The Ebac units have a strong metallic body which can withstand large forces. Therefore, these units are rugged enough for commercial and industrial settings. The heavy-duty metallic chassis is coated with powder for additional durability. They also come with robust military style handles and wheels for portability. The power cord is extra long, so there is only little restriction to its placement. These units have a reasonable size, so they don’t occupy much space. They come is variety of different shapes and mounting features for diverse applications. For example, one can find horizontal designs suitable for crawl spaces and slim units that can be mounted on the wall.  Ebac supplies both refrigerant dehumiaidifiers and desiccant commercial dehumidifiers.

Features for Maximum Effectiveness

These units are available in range of capacities thus providing the buyer the flexibility of choosing according to his needs. No matter how small or large the building is, Ebac has something for everyone. The capacities vary between around 20 and over 300 pints per day. Also, there is no considerable difference between the sizes of high and low capacity units.

For industrial and commercial purposes, a dehumidifier must effective and functional at extreme temperatures as well. Ebac commercial dehumidifiers can work well at temperatures ranging from 33 Fahrenheit to over 100 Fahrenheit. So these units can work independently of the outside temperatures. Ebac also provide desiccant dehumidifiers which are suited for sub-zero temperatures. Even if frosting occurs the system does not shut down because it is equipped with “Hot Gas” system which immediately melts the collected ice.

Ebac also provides very quiet units for usage in areas like office space, museums, hospitals, etc. Normally these appliances have a noise level of around 60 dB, but Ebac units go as low as 47 dB which is incredibly quiet.

For ease of use these dehumidifiers come with a simple built-in Humidistat to easily control the required humidity level.

Price and Efficiency

Ebac provides reasonable pricing on their products. With their durability and quality these units are well worth the cost. The prices of Ebac units range between $700 and $7000. The larger capacity units cost more. Even the highest priced Ebac commercial dehumidifiers will eventually save you on the repairs on you building.

Commercial dehumidifiers are exceptionally energy efficient for a commercial unit. The power consumption of the unit depends on its capacity; larger capacity units consume more energy. Even the most powerful units cost just 13p/kWh.

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