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What are Mechanical Dehumidifiers and How Do They Work?

Many homes, industries and commercial areas, especially the ones located in the south or near the coast, constantly experience the damaging and harmful effects of excessive humidity. This can make the area uncomfortable for living, give rise to mold and mildew growth, and incur many losses in businesses. To help lower the moisture in theContinue Reading

Make Driving Safer and Fun with Car Dehumidifiers

Imagine this, you go for an adventure at the beach with your family, but the weather turns out to be exceptionally humid; so humid that it is very difficult to breathe. Even when the air-conditioner is running and set at high, you cannot get rid of the clammy and heavy feeling. You can protect yourselfContinue Reading

Stop Mold on Bathroom Walls Using Dehumidifiers

After you take a shower the steam rising from it raises the humidity level in your bathroom and condenses on its walls and windows which cause several problems. Drying towels, mats and washcloths also add to the dampness in the room. In short, your bathroom is constantly exposed to excessive moisture and you must getContinue Reading

Get Ebac Commercial Dehumidifiers and Lower the Cost of Your Business

High humidity can cause peeling, mold growth, and corrosion in warehouses, offices, libraries, museums, shops, etc. As a result of these issues several businesses have to spend a lot of money to restore and renovate their buildings every year. However, with the use of efficient commercial dehumidifiers you can lower and maintain the humidity levelsContinue Reading

Troubleshooting Your Domestic Dehumidifiers

One hot and humid summer day you turn your dehumidifier on with high hopes to end the sticky and clammy feeling; but even after hours of usage the dampness in the room is still bothering your or the dehumidifier did not start working at all. Do not distress as domestic dehumidifiers are reasonable simple appliancesContinue Reading

How are Refrigerant and Electric Dehumidifiers Different?

Excessive moisture in air is not only uncomfortable and unhealthy, but it also leads to several issues like increased growth of mold and mildew, stained or sweaty floor and walls, and weakened foundation due to the higher rate of corrosion caused by dampness.  In a home that is located in southern climate or has ineffectiveContinue Reading

How do Chemical Dehumidifiers Work?

Dehumidifiers are essential in many residential and commercial settings to improve the quality of air, to prevent growth and mildew, and to slow down the corrosion of different materials. There are several different mechanisms by which they remove moisture from the air, but the most common among them are refrigerant and chemical methods. The refrigerantContinue Reading

Industrial Dehumidifiers are Crucial for Many Commercial Applications

Several industrial tasks require one to control the humidity of the outside environment, which could otherwise damage the machinery, make the process inefficient or lower the quality of products the plant produces. Common domestic dehumidifiers are not effective for the sheer size and intensity of the humidity problems in industries and commercial areas like ice-skatingContinue Reading

Why Should You Dry Your Home Using Dehumidifiers?

If you often find wet spots staining your home’s walls or floor, detect black mold growing in the corners and dark spots, or face difficulty in breathing and musty odors as soon as you enter you home, then you should be on high alert; you are experiencing excessive dampness in your home. Even when youContinue Reading

Choose the Right Capacity Dehumidifiers for Your Home

  Dehumidifiers help maintain the humidity in your home at optimal levels to improve the quality of air, but they must be correctly sized according to the needs of your home. If the capacity of the dehumidifier is too large, the unit will result in lot of power wastage leading to higher electricity bills. LargerContinue Reading

Dehumidifiers are used to control the humidity in an area. They help to reduce the humidity to optimum levels of 30% – 45%. Increased dampness in an area can lead to a number of problems. Mold aContinue Reading