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Benefits of basement dehumidifiers

Remove moisture from your basement

Honeywell Dehumidifier

If as soon as you enter your basement a strong musty odor fills up your head, your skin starts feeling clingy and sticky, and you face difficulty in breathing, then your basement definitely needs a dehumidifier. All the unpleasant effects of entering the basement are due to the dampness of your basement. Your basement is the likely to be the most humid place in your home because of lack of ventilation which causes the moisture to remain trapped in it. This gives rise to increased moisture in your basement which has several harmful implications for your property, belongings, comfort and health. Therefore, you should remove the excess water vapors from your basement using basement dehumidifiers.

How to choose the best dehumidifiers for your basement

There are several factors to consider when choosing a dehumidifier for your basement. You should firstly consider the size of the basement dehumidifiers. Measure the area of your basement in square feet and also the humidity using a hygrometer, and make use of a dehumidification selection guide to check what capacity dehumidifier you need. If your basement is too large then you might need two dehumidifiers. Also, basements are generally colder, so you should keep in mind the temperature of the basement. If the basement remains cold for most of the year then you will need a dehumidifier with low temperature capability. It must also have frost guard feature to ensure continuous dehumidification. With the right basement dehumidifiers improve the quality of air in your basement.

Get rid of mold and mildew

Basement is often used for storage and is filled with boxes. If the excess dampness in the basement is not controlled, the mold and mildew in the basement will increase which can also damage your belongings. Also, the mold and mildew is detrimental to the health of those who have allergies and breathing problems and it also gives rise to the odors in the basement. Basement dehumidifiers will solve all these issues in your basement and will help you protect your belongings.

Don’t let the insects bite

Damp conditions, which is not visited by humans are the best conditions for insects like cockroaches, termites etc. to thrive and multiply. With basement dehumidifiers you can keep your basement dry, and get rid of the bug issues in your home. In addition, if the environment in your basement can be made comfortable and livable, you can use the extra space in it for other activities as well. For example, you can set up a ping-pong table in your basement or your teenage son can even hold his rock band practices in the basement. Basement dehumidifiers will also help to keep the foundations of your home strong, as a wet environment can weaken wood and concrete.

Very easy to install and maintain

Basement dehumidifiers are easy to buy and install and one does not need to worry much about their maintenance either. The water collected in the dehumidifier can be easily and automatically disposed off. One can connect the dehumidifier with the existing drainage system and remove the stored water. The dehumidifiers are energy efficient as well, as they can monitor the humidity automatically and turn off when humidity reaches required levels. Use basement dehumidifiers to make every corner of your home comfortable, safe and clean.

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